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TxtCoinsNow Overview

What we provide to those who use coins

There is a global demand for a simple-to-use coin transfer system that works on all cell phones, on all networks, and with no costly software/hardware installs. Our system allows users to purchase items denominated in multiple types of crypto-coins with a simple text message!

This patent-pending payment solution is targeted for users who typically pay with cash and want to buy items online, send funds worldwide to family and friends or want to pull in new customers to their small business by accepting crypto coins for payments.

In addition to leading the crypto payment revolution, our platform also replaces the traditional and expensive money transfer services. For a small fee of 1% on transfers, users can redeem coin transfers for local currency at our local agents worldwide.

Ecommerce websites are tired of credit card fraud and large fees on transactions. In addition to the low 1% fee on purchases, retailers can eliminate fraud and chargebacks using TxtCoinsNow because all sales are final, same as cash!

Utilities and other public services can also start accepting payments using TxtCoinsNow.

Local merchants too benefit from TxtCoinsNow. By accepting crypto payments with TxtCoinsNow, local merchants stay ahead of this latest major consumer trend and attract a whole new set of customers.

Finally, charities no longer have the nightmare of managing and collecting cash for volunteers and workers. The organizations can receive donations 24/7 from anyone who has a cellphone, directly deposited into the organization’s bank account. After fundraising, TxtCoinsNow can also serve to track payroll and fund disbursements to the workers the charities contract with.

Services Offered For Crypto Coin Users

We make using coins mainstream for consumers

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ATM Instant Cash Out Phone PIN
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Buy Now Coin Button Use Coins Online
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Free Phone Coin Account Send Funds
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Wordwide Listing of Agents Marketplace

Crypto Coins, Rewards Coins, Private Coins

We proivide a one stop, cloud shop, for all types of coins

Pricing Information


Use Phone SMS, Website, Phone App, you decide

  • Send a simple SMS to send funds worldwide

    Simple commands listing amount to send in local currentcy, " " and then phone number, user name or account #

  • Video Marketplace, account history, secure all your coins in one bank

    Our friendly consumer driven marketplace with video profiles for agents and merchants allow simple communication and understanding of services offered

  • Phone App for Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

    Same interface as web but on a smaller scale allows users fast payments at retailers who accept coins and rewards

  • It's to late to realize that you should have used escrow when your coins are gone.

    -Frustrated buyer-
  • We now have a steady stream of customers paying with coins everyday.

    -Happy Merchant-
  • I just sent my father 1400 Euros in coins using my cell phone.

    -Loving Daughter-

Our Team

Reach out to us with your comments and questions

Short Attention Span? Then Watch This Video

Take three minutes to understand what we do

Pricing For Our Services

We securly move coins from A to B, That's it!

Crypto Coins

1% per trans
  • Free Account
  • Free Marketplace
  • SMS transfers

Rewards Coins

Pennies per load
  • No Ongoing Cost
  • Reward Marketplace
  • Confidential

Coin Escrow

1% per trans
  • Automated
  • Mediation
  • SMS Released

Private Coins

Price per quote
  • Supported
  • Worldwide
  • Confidential

Use your cell phone to send funds instantly

Simple SMS commands work with all phones

Text Message Commands

Commands that are used to send coins to others. Processing fees apply for transfers @ 1% / Escrow @ 1% / Retailers @ 1%. Placing a "-" in front the the currentcy amount is requesting funds from that phone number and they will be prompted to approve the transfer. This means that users can send or request funds from other phone numbers, user names or account number if users do not want to share thier phone number.


Tranfers in the same country:

"41.04 8187735546" = Send 41.04 Dollars to 8187735546

"-341.45 3052234462" = Request 341.45 dollars from 3052234462


Transfers to a differnt country require a "+" before the coutry code then local number

"512 +44839333202" = Send 512 Dollars to 839333202, code of 44(UK)

"673.12 +2348983646600" = Send 673.12 Euros to 839333202, code of 234(Nigeria)

Local SMS Numbers

Location Number Language
United States -phone +19543206484 English
United States +14158150169 Spanish
Australia +61418414380 English
South Africa +27872405097 English
Switzerland +41798070047 French
Russian Federation +79023501879 Russian
United Kingdom +447860041141 English
Mexico +525549998386 Spanish
Germany +491771784371 German
Canada +12042899533 English
Italy +393202041707 Italian
*Select a local phone number to send SMS commands to send funds as coins

SMS Utilities

$(bal) = balance of coin types, amount of coins and total value in your currency and up to the last 3 transactions

no$ = Return the LAST payment received to the sender

*e = escrow is enforced for the transaction. 380 2484841121*e These transaction will hold COINS, not the local currency amount, for approval from buyer and will incur an additional 1% fee.

# = used to send a note attachment with payment. 170 8185551212#For Invoice 3526 for 2 tires and wheel alignment

nc = No Call for conformation of transfers. User will now need to verify with SMS code. (default)

yc = Yes Call for requesting the user enter your PIN is required for ALL transfers.

whois = "Account Number and Nickname" - if you send the phone or account number you will receive funds ,?9545018625 -> returns "Thomas Jones", ?8003324454 -> returns "March of Dimes"

Coin (co) = NXT will set the DEFAULT currency to maybe Bit "23 8183328232 coin NXT" This will transfer and set default to NXT Coins. This coin type will ALWAYS be announced in phone call PIN request to approve transfer.

Currency(cu) = default amount is in local currency. "23 8183328232" = in the $23 USD transferred to account 8183328232 cur=pound changes default to POUNDS

Language(la) = (2 letter code*) Set language be used for all incoming SMS messages regardless of the language of the person who sent or requested the funds.

Help = List of commands is returned

Setpin = System will call you and prompt you to create a new pin # and to record your voice.

NOTE: As an alternative to texting, you can call TxtCoinsNow at 954-320-6484 (in the USA) from your cell phone and select option 2 to receive a callback that will prompt you to send Coins or local currency.

ar<-arabic, bg<-bulgarian, ca<-catalan, zh-chs<-chinese simplified, zh-cht<-chinese traditional, , cs<-czech, da<-danish, nl<-dutch, en<-english, et<-estonian, fi<-finnish, fr<-french, de<-german, el<-greek, ht<-haitian creole, he<-hebrew, hi<-hindi, mww<-hmong daw, hu<-hungarian, id<-indonesian, it<-italian, ja<-japanese, tlh<-klingon, tlh-qaak<-piqad, ko<-korean, lv<-latvian, lt<-lithuanian, ms<-malay, mt<-maltese, no<-norwegian, fa<-persian, pl<-polish, pt<-portuguese, ro<-romanian, ru<-russian, sk<-slovak, sl<-slovenian, es<-spanish, sv<-swedish, th<-thai, tr<-turkish, uk<-ukrainian, ur<-urdu, vi<-vietnamese, cy<-welsh

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System Goes Live

Complete functionality will be avalible for crypto and private coins running in our secure cloud

Phase II deployment

New coins supported and addtional features will be added as asked for by clients

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We are a real company located here in Florida USA.